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Reporting platform


1. What is the FPF Integrity Platform?

The FPF Integrity Platform is the Whistleblowing Channel of the Portuguese Football Federation for receiving Reports, as established in this document.

2. What is a Report?

A Report is the submission registered on the website integridade.fpf.pt containing information on an infringement committed, in the process of being committed or which can be reasonably foreseen, as well as an attempt to conceal it, in relation to:

  1. 1. breach of duty to care for a player, sexual harassment or match or result manipulation, whether for betting purposes or for sports matters, committed within the context of federated football, futsal or beach football, or
  2. 2. corruption or related offence, committed against or through the FPF, under the terms of Decree-Law no. 09-E/2021, of 9.12, including irregularity or non-compliance with a policy or procedure, or an offence provided for in Law no. 93/2021, of 20.12.

3. Who may submit a Report on the FPF Integrity Platform?

Anyone may submit a Report on the FPF Whistleblowing Channel.

4. How to use the FPF Integrity Platform?

The FPF Whistleblowing Channel may be accessed through the address integridade.fpf.pt and is also available on the official FPF website; The Report must contain a precise and exhaustive description that makes it possible to identify its relevance, the perpetrators of the infringement and, whenever possible, contain evidence, in particular documents, photographs, telephone numbers, vehicle registrations.

5. Is the whistleblower of the FPF Integrity Platform protected?

The whistleblower is protected by the General System for the Protection of Whistleblowers under the terms of Law no. 93/2021 of 20.12 if the Report is made in good faith by a person who has serious grounds for believing that the information included is true.

6. It is possible to submit an anonymous Report on the FPF Integrity Platform?

The Report may be submitted on the FPF Whistleblowing Channel anonymously, identifying the whistleblower or simply providing a contact.

7. Is the confidentiality of the Report submitted to the FPF Integrity Platform guaranteed?

Should the whistleblower choose, when filling in the form, not to make the Report anonymously, the FPF guarantees compliance with the applicable legislation on data protection and confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower and of third parties mentioned in the Report, without prejudice to the adoption of the measures required for processing the Report submitted.

8. What is the follow-up process for Reports on the Integridade.fpf.pt Platform?

When the whistleblower provides a means of contact, the provisions of Article 11 of Law no. 93/2021 of 20 December shall be observed.

9. Who has access to the information registered on the FPF Integrity Platform?

Only the person or service designated by the FPF to receive and follow up on the Reports received has access to the information recorded in the FPF Integrity Channel; When the Report concerns an act of corruption committed by or against the FPF, the governing body responsible for analysing it and, in any case, if it contains evidence of an administrative offence or the commission of a crime, the competent Police Authority and bodies also have access to such information.

10. What is the treatment given to the registrations made on the FPF Integrity Platform that do not constitute a Report under the terms indicated above?

Any submissions that do not constitute a Report as described in question 2 will be filed.